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Adcraft 30″ Griddle Electric (GRID-30)


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Adcraft 30″ Griddle Electric (GRID-30)

Introducing a versatile and efficient cooking appliance designed to meet the demands of commercial kitchens. Engineered with precision and durability, this electric griddle offers a spacious cooking surface and reliable performance, making it perfect for preparing a wide range of dishes with ease.

Say goodbye to uneven cooking and hello to consistent results with the Adcraft 30″ Electric Griddle. Its sturdy construction and even heat distribution ensure reliable performance, while the electric heating element provides precise temperature control for optimal cooking. Whether you’re grilling up pancakes for breakfast, searing burgers for lunch, or sautéing vegetables for dinner, the GRID-30 offers the versatility and reliability needed to keep up with the demands of a busy kitchen.

Elevate your cooking experience with the Adcraft 30″ Electric Griddle, where quality meets practicality for exceptional culinary results.


  • High output stainless steel electric griddles with a temperature control switch that adjusts from 120 degrees to 570 degrees.
  • Each unit contains a 3″ side and backsplash for protection.
  • Bottom mounted grease collection pan for easy cleaning.
  • 208 volts 3900watt
  • Electric
  • Engineered for durability
  • Spacious cooking surface
  • Even heating
  • Great for pancakes, burgers, vegetables, and much much more

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