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ADS Under Counter Low Temp Dish Machine (ET-AF-M-PH)


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  • Processes over 200 trays per hour great for high volume applications
  • An Industrial designed machine for commercial applications
  • The ET model is great when you need to save on space but not sacrifice on cleaning power
  • 1-1/2 HP Wash and Rinse Pump
  • 90 Second Complete Tire Cycle
  • A very strong and reliable machine
  • 115 Volt

Made In USA for over 45 Years

ADS Machines use very little plastic components in there machine

If theses people at ADS are so smart, just exactly what do they know? They know, for instance:

1) Most customers buy a dishmachine as a tool for their business; they expect it to work all day.
2) Not being able to get clean dishes is a big problem
3) Not having health department heat/chemical limits is a big problem
4) Having leaks is a big problem
5) Not starting is a big problem
6) Always broken down is a big problem
7) Plastic is NOT our friend, rubber only marginally
8) Leaking of chemical liquids is certain
9) If it can be put in upside-down, it will be
10) Rotating Arms are far better than stationary sprays but require an extraordinary bearing
11) Rinsing is the hardest thing for a dishmachine to do
12) Few materials will survive hot, caustic, chlorinated, garbage, under water and pressure
13) Key parts must be strong (commercial grade) or the operation stops
14) Rough use is expected, ourtright abuse is likely
15) Most common repairs should be easily accessible

Those are only some of the tests put to each design

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Weight 270 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 26 × 35 in

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Free Freight in US Lower 48 States with a Loading Dock