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Nelson Dipping Cabinet (BD-8)


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Nelson Dipping Cabinet (BD-8)

Introducing the Nelson Dipping Cabinet (BD-8), a premium solution for storing and serving frozen treats with style and efficiency. Designed for ice cream parlors, dessert shops, and cafes, this dipping cabinet showcases a sleek and modern design that enhances the presentation of your delicious frozen delights. With its spacious interior and durable construction, the Nelson BD-8 offers ample storage capacity for a variety of ice cream flavors, gelatos, sorbets, and more. The tempered glass sneeze guard ensures hygiene and visibility, while the LED lighting illuminates your delectable offerings, enticing customers to indulge in their favorite treats. Whether you’re serving classic cones, sundaes, or specialty desserts, the Nelson Dipping Cabinet provides the perfect showcase for your frozen creations, elevating the dessert experience for patrons and driving sales in your establishment.

Furthermore, the Nelson Dipping Cabinet (BD-8) is designed with functionality and convenience in mind. Its efficient refrigeration system maintains consistent temperatures, preserving the quality and texture of your frozen treats while minimizing energy consumption. The sliding rear doors provide easy access for staff to restock and serve, ensuring smooth operations during busy service hours. Additionally, the adjustable shelves allow for customizable storage configurations, accommodating containers of various sizes and shapes. Whether it’s used in a bustling ice cream parlor or a quaint cafe, the Nelson BD-8 dipping cabinet combines reliability, versatility, and aesthetics to create an inviting and enticing display for customers to indulge in their favorite frozen delights.



  • Perfect preservation of product quality and flavor
  • Continuous failure-free operation that virtually eliminates maintenance
  • Absolute minimum of operating costs
  • More insulation than most other ice cream freezers- 2-1/2″ of insulation on the sidewall
  • Standard white enamel finish or optional stainless interior, exterior or both
  • Digital thermostats
  • Clog-free condensing units
  • Optional features such as locking devises, legs or casters
  • Also available with raised-bottom freezers for those operators who do not use the lower step in a conventional freezer
  • Optional dry storage in the lower area
  • No need to have empty tubs or milk crates or whatever to raise your ice cream containers