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Blodgett Gas Rotating Rack Oven (XR8-G)


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Blodgett Gas Rotating Rack Oven (XR8-G)

  • A continuously rotating 8 pan rack and unique airflow system that moves large amounts of air at low velocity to ensure a consistently even bake every time.
  • Internal steam system capable of producing large volumes of steam for bagels or similar products, perfect for thick, shiny crusts and artesian style breads.
  • Blower delay feature allows the convection fan be turned off for up to 1 hour- ideal for baking delicate products.
  • Unique rack slide system enables the operator to quickly adjust spacing from 1 to 4 inches in any configuration.
  • Slides and rack can be easily removed without tolls for dishwasher cleaning.
  • XR8-G Gas Mini Rotating Rack Oven
  • Digital programmable controls
  • Removable independent door design
  • Four bright halogen interior lights for superior visibility
  • 12 pan stand with adjustable spacing and removable crumb trays
  • 3/4″ drain
  • 18 KW