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SaniServ Batch Freezer Floor Model (B-10)


The SaniServ model B10 Batch Freezer produces a single yield of high profit, consistent quality product every time! Easy to operate, clean and sanitize. Rapid disassembly and assembly makes the Batch Freezer a favorite among owners and operators. The short production time provides a simple and easy way to provide a batch of single flavor of high quality product every time! With the versatility to add mixin’s after production the flavor choices are endless!

Increased Profits – SaniServ machines combine efficiency with consistent product quality and fast, quiet operation while insuring customer satisfaction with high profit ice cream or yogurt products.

Durability – SaniServ machines are built to achieve long and dependable life through simplicity of design. Every machine is shipped standard with a stainless steel exterior, durable steel interior frame construction, heavy-duty components and consistency systems.

Model B10
Floor Model
Batch Ice Cream / Gelato Freezer

Meets Your Requirements – SaniServ model B10 turns valuable space into a real profit center by producing a batch of high profit frozen product every time.

We reserve the right to change specifications and product designs without notice. Such revisions do not entitle the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions or replacements for previously purchased equipment.

Fewer Parts = Simplified Cleaning – SaniServ equipment is designed and built with the fewest parts to be disassembled, cleaned and sanitized than any other machine in the industry. Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels, Clubs, Ice Cream Shops and Water Ice Companies


Made in USA

When you buy SaniServ®, you buy American. The entire SaniServ® equipment is made in the USA. When you invest in SaniServ®, or any Affinis® product, you are supporting an American company and American workers.

Spec Sheet

Shipping Information

Weight 590 lbs
Dimensions 32.5 × 21 × 51 in

Shipping Time

Allow 10-14 Days
Shipping Time May Vary