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Southbend Counter Top Electric Steamer 4 Pan (R18-4)


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Southbends Steamer offers Increased productivity in a Space Saving Design.It is Totally Self Contained, Steam is Generated Within The Cavity without the cost of Expensive Boiler Maintenance. The Steamer is automatic fill and manual drain with no Hood Needed.  The Steamer Has a Protective Low Water Cut Out  if the Boiler is Running Low on Water it Shuts Off Before Causing Damage to The Elements. Excellent Reliability Packaged With Increased Space And Value

– 304 stainless steel exterior.
– 316 stainless steel cooking chamber with coved corners.
– Heavy gauge stainless steel door with full perimeter gasket.
– Positive lock and seal mechanism with spring release door.
– Illuminated power switch.
– Ready indicator light.
– Cooking indicator light.
– 60 minute electromechanical timer with end of cycle audible alarm.
– Removable stainless steel pan supports.
– Electromechanical controls.


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Weight 170 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 18 × 27 in