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Toastmaster Full Size Pan Mobile Proofing Cabinet (E-9451-HP34CD)


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Toastmaster Full Size Pan Mobile Proofing Cabinet (E-9451-HP34CD)

This is a versatile and essential piece of equipment for bakeries, restaurants, and other foodservice establishments. This cabinet is designed to create the ideal environment for proofing dough, allowing it to rise before baking. With its full-size pan capacity, this proofing cabinet provides ample space to accommodate large batches of dough, making it suitable for high-volume production settings. The mobile design allows for easy transport and placement within the kitchen or bakery, ensuring convenience and efficiency during operation.

Equipped with precise temperature and humidity controls, this proofing cabinet enables users to create optimal conditions for dough proofing, ensuring consistent results every time. The ability to adjust these settings allows for customization based on specific recipes and baking requirements. Constructed from durable materials, the Toastmaster Full Size Pan Mobile Proofing Cabinet is built to withstand the demands of commercial use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Its sturdy construction and robust design make it an essential tool for any bakery or foodservice operation looking to streamline their dough proofing process and deliver high-quality baked goods to their customers.


  • welded aluminum construction
  • 5-inch casters to provide easy transport and movement
  • evenly circulating heat with its air baffles
  • Removable heating console
  • Air baffle and circulation air blower provide even heat distribution
  • Aluminum construction
  • Polycarbonate door
  • Magnetic door gaskets
  • Lift-off door
  • Full length door handle
  • Set of 5” swivel casters w/brakes
  • Mechanical controls
  • Indicator light for thermostat
  • Separate heat and humidity controls
  • Voltage: 120, 208, 240
  • Phase: 1 & 3
  • Amps: 15
  • Watts: 1500
  • Capacity: 34 sheet pans
  • Case Pack: 1
  • Dimensions: 66.56(h) x 22.81(w) x 33.31(d)
  • Weight: 140 Lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts 1 Year Labor