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Vulcan (5) Pan Counter Top Convection Steamer (C24EA5 PLUS)


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Vulcan (5) Pan Counter Top Convection Steamer (C24EA5 PLUS)

Introducing the Vulcan (5) Pan Countertop Convection Steamer (C24EA5 PLUS), a powerhouse of culinary innovation designed to elevate your kitchen’s capabilities. Crafted with precision and efficiency in mind, this steamer is a must-have for any professional chef or foodservice operation. With its five pan capacity, it provides ample space for steaming a variety of dishes simultaneously, maximizing productivity and efficiency in your kitchen workflow. Equipped with advanced convection technology, it ensures even cooking and consistent results every time, from delicate vegetables to hearty grains and proteins. The user-friendly controls and intuitive design make operation a breeze, allowing chefs to focus on creating culinary masterpieces with ease. Built with Vulcan’s renowned craftsmanship and durability, this countertop steamer is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use while maintaining optimal performance.


  • High output stainless steel steam generator.
  • Shipped for 208/60-50/3 electrical service. Can be field converted to 208/60-50/1 and 240/60-50/3 and 240/60-50/1.
  • Smart Drain System (timed drain) with PowerFlush.
  • Professional controls with 60-minute timer, buzzer and constant steam feature, cook/ready lights and power switch.
  •  Illuminated power switch with cook and ready lights.
  • Cord strain relief.
  •  Stainless steel exterior and cooking compartment with coved interior corners.
  •  Heavy duty door and door latch mechanisms with gasket guard.
  •  Split water line connection. 11⁄2″ NPT drain connection.
  •  One year limited parts and labor warranty

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Weight 175 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 26 in

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