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Waring 3.5-QT Flat Cover Food Processor w/ LiquiLock Seal System (WFP14SW)


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Waring 3.5-QT Flat Cover Food Processor w/ LiquiLock Seal System (WFP14SW)


  • LiquiLock sealed, clear view 3.5 quart batch bowl-process soups, sauces, marindaes, and more without leaks –
  • Completely sealed for use with liquids- now you can use your food processor for more than dry food prep! –
  • High impact, unbreakable, and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lets you see into the bowl. –
  • Lighter than metal, but built for tough use. -Compact cover design for easy storage –
  • LiquiLock sealed S-blade- locks in place for easier, safer pouring –
  • Chop,mince,puree,liquefy, and more directly in the batch bowl. Completely sealed to avoid leakage and spills.
  • Blade locks in place without holding, for safe and easy pouring, LiquiLock sealed Whipping disc- whips heavy cream, egg whites, and more quickly and effortlessly -Turns heavy cream into whipped cream in seconds! Infuse you own whipped cream creations!
  • Create house-made gourmet butters quicker than ever High performance 1 HP motor
  • 1 HP commercial motor with thermal overload protection. Developed especially for food-service batch processing
  • This 1 HP motor delivers dependable, continuous-duty service and is built to complete large jobs with ease. Easy On and PULSE/OFF contols paddles
  • All the models have them, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. Better than constatly pushing the START & STOP buttons –
  • The PULSE is perfect for fine-tuning the chop or breaking down heavy loads. Carbon steel drive shaft
  • Heavy-duty contruction for professional performance, built to last. Large Bowl Capacities -Dry: 3.5 quarts
  • Wet: 1.75 quarts Large Volume Processing -Chopping (meat)
  • up to 360 lbs per hour -Kneading(bread dough)- up to 120 loaves (1.5 lb loaves) per hour -kneading(pie crusts)
  • up to 320 pie crusts(8″ crusts) per hour
  • Twenty 4 oz diets per meal for hospitals and healthcare facilities (pureed) Many optional accessories available providing over 20 different processing functions!
  • Best in industry!
  • Limited 5 year motor warranty, two year parts & labor warranty

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 13 × 12 in