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Winco Snow Bank Snow Cone Machine 500LB per Hour (71000)


Winco Snow Bank Snow Cone Machine 500LB per Hour (71000)

The Winco Snow Bank Snow Cone Machine 500LB per Hour (71000) is a powerhouse in the realm of frozen treats, delivering efficiency and reliability for satisfying snow cone production. With the capacity to churn out an impressive 500 pounds of shaved ice per hour, this machine ensures a steady supply of refreshing snow cones to meet high-demand scenarios in amusement parks, concession stands, and outdoor events. Its robust construction guarantees durability, with a rugged stainless steel and aluminum frame designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use. Equipped with a powerful motor and precision blades, it effortlessly transforms ice into fine, fluffy snow, perfect for crafting the quintessential snow cone experience. The user-friendly design of the 71000 streamlines operation, allowing operators to produce consistent results with ease. Additionally, its compact footprint makes it a versatile addition to any establishment, maximizing space efficiency without compromising on performance.



  • Durable and efficient, the high-volume output keeps up with busy snack bars, convenience stores, and concession stands.
  • Heavy-duty 1/3hp 1700RPM motor produces up to 500 lbs. (227kg) of shaved ice per hour
  • Accepts cubed or chunk ice
  • Cast aluminum horn, cutting head, pusher Adjustable stainless steel cutting blades for fine or coarse shaved ice
  • Pulse-type safety reset switch prevents accidental start-up
  • Tinted tempered glass panels
  • Stainless steel cabinet with tempered glass panels
  • Built-in snow cone shaper for perfect snow cones
  • Plexiglass service door and molded plastic drainage deck with drain hose
  • Trolley Sold Separately

Spec Sheet


Shipping Information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 24 in

Shipping Time

Allow 5-7 Days
Shipping Time May Vary

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