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Vollrath Out-of-Chamber 6×12 Mesh Vacuum Sealer Bags (40812)


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Vollrath Out-of-Chamber 6×12 Mesh Vacuum Sealer Bags (40812)

Introducing the Vollrath Out-of-Chamber 6×12 Mesh Vacuum Sealer Bags (40812), meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of professional kitchens and home food enthusiasts alike. These innovative vacuum sealer bags are designed with a durable mesh construction. Additionally, that ensures reliable performance during vacuum sealing operations. Measuring 6 inches by 12 inches, these bags provide ample space to securely package a variety of foods. The mesh design allows for optimal air extraction, facilitating a tight vacuum seal that preserves freshness, flavor, and nutritional quality.

Perfectly suited for use with Vollrath’s out-of-chamber vacuum sealers, these bags streamline the packaging process, offering a convenient solution for both commercial and home kitchens. So, whether preparing ingredients for sous vide cooking, extending shelf life in refrigerated storage, or maintaining the integrity of bulk food purchases, these bags deliver exceptional performance. Moreover, these Mesh Vacuum Sealer Bags prioritize durability and food safety, ensuring peace of mind with every use. Their versatility and user-friendly design make them an essential tool for anyone seeking to enhance food storage efficiency while minimizing waste. From professional chefs to culinary enthusiasts, Vollrath continues to innovate with products that uphold quality, reliability, and practicality—empowering users to achieve superior results in food preservation and kitchen organization.



  • 6×12
  • Pack of 100
  • Not suited for liquids
  • 3.9 ml
  • Designed for sous vide cooking
  • Max cooking temp of 158F

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